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Terms of Use

This website has been set up and is operated by DVx Inc. (hereafter, “DVx”).
Please read the following terms carefully before using this website.
Note that your continued use of this website shall be considered acceptance of the Terms of Use herein.

The text, photographs, illustrations, and other content included in this website are protected by the copyright and trademark laws of each country. Copying, downloading, or printing of this content shall only be permitted when the following terms have been met, and as allowed by laws governing personal use and citation.

  1. All copies shall include a copyright (C) mark or other indication of intellectual property rights.
  2. Content shall not be altered.
  3. Content shall not be used in a libelous manner, or in a manner which infringes on privacy or on the rights of DVx or third parties.
  4. Content may not be used beyond the scope of these Terms of Use, e.g. over a network or on other websites.
  5. All DVx product names mentioned on this website are trademarks of, or have been licensed to, DVx or its affiliates.

Except where explicitly permitted under the terms stated above, posting of content on this website does not imply a license to use, or a transfer of, DVx or third party patents, trademarks, or copyrights.

While this website includes information about DVx products, not all of these products are for sale in every country, and depending on the country, may be sold under different trademarks, with varying efficacy and in different quantities, etc. Most of the products listed on this website cannot be obtained without a medical examination. In addition, information about medical devices listed on this website is not intended as an advertisement for or endorsement of such products or their functions.

DVx provides no advice or services which should be provided by physicians or other medical professionals. The information regarding products listed on this website is in no way a replacement for the advice of a physician or other medical professional.

DVx in no way warrants that the content of this website is accurate or complete, that it is either reliable or suited to the user’s purpose, or that access to this website poses no risk of computer errors or infection by computer viruses. DVx accepts no liability whatsoever for damages arising as a result of access to or an inability to access this website, or due to reliance on the content herein.

DVx bears no responsibility for the content of third party websites linking to this website, or for the content of third party websites to which links are provided herein. When using third party websites, users should adhere to the Terms of Use of those respective websites. Users wishing to link to this website are asked to first obtain the consent of DVx.

DVx is not obligated to respond to emails or other communications. Refrain from transmitting any confidential information, as information and other materials provided to DVx via email or other means cannot be treated as confidential. DVx thus reserves the right to reproduce, post or otherwise use for any other purpose information and other materials provided to it or its affiliates, and to use for product development, manufacturing, sales, or any other purpose ideas, concepts, knowledge, etc. included in information and other materials provided.

DVx may, without notice, add to, change, or delete information on this website. DVx may also shut down this website without notice.

These Terms of Use are governed by, and shall be interpreted based on Japanese law. Any conflict arising from these Terms of Use shall be the exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance of the Tokyo District Court, Tokyo, Japan.

Use of Information for Investors

The information provided on this website is intended for investor decision-making and reference purposes only, and is not a solicitation to buy or sell securities. Investors are reminded that final investment decisions are the responsibility of the individual investor. Opinions and forecasts provided herein are based on the judgment of DVx at the time these materials were prepared. The content of this website may be changed, and posting of information may be suspended, at any time without notice. While the greatest possible care is taken when posting information to this website, DVx bears no liability whatsoever for damages arising from errors in the information herein, or from download of data, etc. from this website.